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The Big House
Oxford Stage Company

"For many the star of the show will be Lucy Gaskell... "
RTÉ Entertainment   -  Full review

" The bright confidence of Gaskell as Kate shines on... "
The Irish Independent   -  Full review

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The Cherry Orchard
Oxford Stage Company

"In her professional debut, Lucy Gaskell is a sweet Dunyasha.."
The Stage

"Dunyasha (Lucy Gaskell) the maid is very flirtatious and sexually provocative.. "   -  Full review

"..Lucy Gaskell's fake-genteel Dunyasha..I've seen deeper, richer 'Cherry Orchards'. But I can't remember many I enjoyed more"

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The Threesome
Welsh College of Music and Drama - Bute Theatre - Final year student production.

"Lucy Gaskell's continuous failure in her attempts to be 'wicked' has the audience willing her to succeed"
Theatre Wales   -  Full review

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Annie Warbucks
Hindley & Wigan - Next Generation

"..and Lucy Gaskell gave performances that would have put professionals to shame."

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